PicGIF App Reviews

Really good…(except)...

I do like this app for creating gifs from videos. When you work with this app, you’d see every single frame on the tray at the bottom of your picGIF screen. you can easily delete any you chose and you can add at liberty. It does have a few shortcomings in my estimation, but bear in mind, that any of those shortcomings is easily addressed by any number of online GIF-editing programs, (where you, however, won’t find the quality of picGIF at the same time). For example, picGIF only offers certain predetermined sizes for the GIFs you want to create. Once you create a GIF with picGIf, just go to one of those on-line GIFF applications and crop the white borders that are left when you make a GIF with picGIF. Along the same lines, while picGIF does give the dimensions available for the creation of the GIF you want to create, it doesn’t give the actual size of the resulting file which you will see will be formatted with (probably) unwanted borders, so you have to create the gif first and use your Finder (in mac) or Windows to see how large the file is that you’ve created. But, these are easy shortfalls to get around. Over all, it’s a fine choice.

Saved me so much work!

This app is such a value a $20, much less at the discount. It’s simple to use. It makes making GIF’s simple. I must have evaluated 5 or 6 of these apps. This is the only one that worked for my needs. I’ve created lots of very profressional looking animations from PNG files I created in Powerpoint.

Very basic… almost not worth the money

This is a very basic app and if you’re looking to produce high quality gifs for imgur… look elsewhere. You’re limited to only 300 frames in this app. Outside of that then the app just crashes.

very good to use

i think anyone could use this to edit the pictures and videos


It’s rare to use an app for the first time and have absolutely no issues and accomplish your desired task in minutes. I have never created an animated gif before and my first one took about two minutes. This app is very intuitive and makes the gif animation process completely painless. I also needed to use a square aspect ratio and it was nice to see that I could customize it to 500 x 500.


I am loving all the features of this GIF making app. I tried a bunch of differnet ways to make gifs and was unhappy with them all. I know I can make them in Photoshop too, but this just makes it super efficient to throw someting together. I am a Photographer and like to make basic GIFS from some of my client work. I feel like in comparison to some other reviewers, I just wanted a simple but intuitive platform and that is what this is. If I wanted to get more technical I would make these in Photoshop or alt Adobe Software. I have no complaints with what I can do with speed, fps, text and graphic overlays = perfect.

I love this app.

This app. is great because it’s easy to use, even for a technologically challenged person like myself. I have had lots of fun creating unique gifs!

Doesn't Handle Transparencies

Hope you want all of your gifs to either have overlapping frrames or have no transparency at all. If so, it's perfect. If not, I have some bad news.

One of the neatest programs

Yeah, we used to call them "programs." This is a really neat application that is amazingly simply to use. I hate to think what I used to have to do to accomplish this. I’m even using it to send animated personalized birthday "cards" to friends and relatives. Love it!

Does the work

It’s working, but it sometime cushes when you are switching between frames and does not save the current work.

OK but severely limiting

This app is OK if you just want to drag in a short video and make a GIF out of it - and even that is a little clunky - but if you want anything more, don’t buy this app. There’s little to no ability to edit things on the timeline - make one picture longer, or others shorter. There just seems to be some basic functionality missing here - especially the limitations on saving. Options for editing are pretty limited.

Nice and simple, missing some basic features.

The app is simple and easy to use. It feels a little unfinished though; some features I would like to see in it: - Undo/redo - Ability to copy/paste an image in the timeline to repeat it. Need to re-drag it into the app, which always puts it at the end of the sequence, and then drag it to where you want. - Ability to save a project and edit it later - Crop photos within the app

Very good. Lacks some useful features.

Nice to have a straightforward GIF creator that’s minimal but technically sound and well programmed. Bought it to support development, but I wish the paid features included cropping and frame edits, especially of existing GIFs. I have no use for the existing paid features as they can be easily done with other apps.

neat app, but why no editing after save??

It’s quite neat app, easy create nice gifs. Problem is once you close your gif project, you can not edit it afterwards! I had to do mine from scratch just to change screens delay. I’m quite dissapointed and I’d like my money back.

Works great! Drag drop photos and go!

Have to say this was really easy to figure out. On sale for $5 this was a no brainer. I had a bunch of high resolution JPEGs from my Canon DSLR and wanted to convert a series of still water polo scoring shots into an animated gif. I tried online tools but they balked at the large file size uploads. Looked in the Mac App Store and saw PicGif and decided to take a try at it. Launch, drag video or group of photos, choose play to verify order (for some reason last frame showed up as first, but easy to move it, or you can select reverse order). I was happy that adding text and graphic sticker overlays was easy. I then chose share GIF via Apple Message to my son and then saved the gif to my photos folder. Couldn’t have been easier or quicker. THANK YOU!

Good but Missing Features

Here is a short list of features that would greatly increase ease-of-use and ultimate productivity in PicGif. (1) Project File. The saved gif doesnt retain editable overlays. (2) Save Project. Ability to save a pick up on a project later. Save a version, close/open/resume work at a later time. The gif saved doesn't retain the overlay stack / in/out / etc. (3) Ability to open more than one project at a time. (4) Ability to copy and paste (or duplicate) Overlay layer items within the same project and other PicGif projects also open


does not wok as advertised.

Transparent PNG Fail!

Cannot properly handle transparent PNGs as a source. I end up with bizarre smearing like bits of previous frames are not erased.

Can’t add stickers without crashing app.

Trying to add callouts to gifs, and the app keeps crashing. I bought the paid version specifically for this functionality. Even when frames are less than 200 total it crashes when trying to build with callouts.

Decent But...

When I choose to “fit” the pictures into frame, theres a weird fringe around the pics. Also, for some odd reason I get a weird black glitch around my gif with certain settings when rendered out. Lastly, the GIFs are saved as huge MB’s whereas other GIF apps produce KB sized files. However, it does recognize pics that are duplicates and keeps those in the rendered GIF...

Let me do what I want to do

If I want to do more then 300 images, don’t warn me. Yes, I do only want my gif to be under 60 pixels high, so let me. I’d like a refund. I can’t use this for what I need it for.

great until you save

I really liked this for editing gifs… it looks great and you can edit the gif almost like a photo, until you go to save it. The gif saves different than what you have edited. It looks SUPER pixelated and low quality after saving to your computer. I paid money for this and I think it was a bit of a rip off..

OK but white spots in the video will appear as black pixels

Seems to be some kind of color/math overflow bug that needs to get fixed. Only shows when you export the GIF.

Fast & Easy

Quck way to make animated GIFs, simple animations. User interface is straightforward. minimal learning curve. Would be nice if it had some transition options (transparency, wipes) between frames and additional sizes (e.g. 16:9)

Отличная программа для создания GIF-ок

Одна из лучщих программ для быстрого создания и редактирования гифок. Очень простая и понятная, для пробы советую ознакомиться с бесплатной версией (она сгодится для многого).

Great product!

This works exactly as advertised and is is really great!

Works Great

Does everything I wanted. Tried the lite version and liked enough that I bought full version. I have one feature request, to be able to rotate the gif images.

extremely easy and powerful

From download of this app to a completed gif in less than 5 minutes. No complaints. Works great.

A great app

Works great. A lot of the others I’ve tried haven’t, but this is works well. Great app.

Simple and Effective

Just downloaded PicGIF for a project that I’m working on. Easy to import pictures, arrange them in order, change speed, add text and process to an animated gif. Great program..

Awesome but crashes a lot

The apps keeps crashing when working with GIFs over 200 frames. Please, look for a fix and I’d definetly update my rating to 5 stars. It’s useless for me as it is. It wasn’t like that on an earlier version. @ErnestoBarron

easy to use

I was sitting in my hotel room thinking about gifs, I downloaded this app to my macbook pro, took a few pictures of myself with Photo Booth, dragged them over to Picgif, hit create gif, and it worked, small simple file created. Easy to install and use.


It keeps crashing. I cant make 2 simple clips together to to make a short gif. Its best to get a free program that works the same as this one instead of buying this with no extra special features. I tried to be patient with this one as you can only make one mini clip gif.

Nice and easy

Does most of the things you’d want/expect with an intuitive interface. Pretty good.

PicGIF pretty cool

Very cool and easy to use app - wish the text could be made specific to pictures and that the time between beginning and end could include a pause, but fine app,nonetheless!

Great gif maker

Does what it claims on my Mac. Super easy to use. Seems very stable. Recommended it

Everything I need it to do

I’m a video journalist and use GIFs to promote my work on Twitter and my Tumblr. It does everything I need it to do and very nicely and easilly.

Wonderful easy to use app

Great Gif maker. Super easy to use. Seems very stable. Now of course I’m already wishing for more advanced features - but that’s only because this is so easy to use that one becomes an “expert” instantly. Bravo.

The best gif maker I have used!

I searched and searched for a nice gif maker, then one day I came across this one and ITS THE BEST! Thank you awesome developers!

Custom size broken

This software requires the user to pick the size of the output file from a list of predefined sizes, none of which matched my needs. There is an option to create a custom size, but it doesn’t actually work, it uses the height 240 regardless of my input. It looks like this has been an issue for months, and the devs haven’t addressed it.

Finally a proper JIF maker

Thanks for taking the time to do this right friends.

Perfect for the job!

I bought to make short GIFs from my family pics. Now that the iphone has the press-and-hold option for snapping lots of pics quickly, it's nice to take all those pics and join them togther to make an animation instead of deleting all the extras. The free version is great but I bought the PAID version only beacasue I also wanted to add text. Great app though!

Does not support AVI. I just lost $5

App description says it supports AVI. It does not. Developer confirmed this, and I’m basically out $5. Deceptive.

its a pretty cool app

its pretty easy to use and clean app i recomanded it

Just what I needed

Quick and simple, animates my JPGs with custom sizes. Reverse play included and download. Well worth the $5 to avoid all the BS with online generators that make mini GIFs only.

Does whar it claims in OS 10.9.5 oniMac

Using PicGif primarily to resize cinemagraphs. The ability to put variably transparent watermarks on the images was an unexpected plus. I would like it if future versions had the options to modify the frame delay on a per-frame basis which is very useful for looping when building a gif. That is a basic feature in GIFfun, but that is just a builder, and cannot edit existing Gifs. Overall I found the speed of construction, saving, and overlay pleasantly swift. The support and product description seriously need more detail.

Broken in last update

The custom size option is behaving strangely since the last update, and the developer is being unresponsive. Its been almost a month That’s a shame, because otherwise, I found this this app useful.


It easily does everything it’s supposed to do! The ONLY thing that would make this an even better app, is if sound could be applied. Oher than that, it’s perfectly capable of doing just about anything that you were looking for in a GIF maker and editor. Very versatile and the finishing quality is clean and stable; not crappy at all! Nice work and trust me folks, I don’t leave reviews all the time let alone lengthy ones. However, this one gets my co-sign!!!

This a very nice looking app but has issues (Take 2)

THE PRO's clean interface layout good use of the inspector panes intuitive icons frames numbered Selected Frame box and insertion indicator Speed in FPS or Frame Delay Text Captions, has Text Alignment, outline, full access to System Fonts, and full featured shadow component The Sticker and importing graphics as overlays Saves as Flattened Gif Save offers to send file to a Blog, Mail and iMessage, as well as file. These are the reasons I wanted to give this app 5 stars. THE CON's: Missing Undo & Redo No New Project, you start with an import Does not Save Custom Frame Sizes All Frames set to the exact same speed No Raw Project Save or Load (Solution is an XML file and Frame numbered images in a single folder) New imports always ends up at the end of the project, even if you insert it after frame 1. No play controls in the save drop down. Pause is Stop, when you play it starts from Frame 1 Overlay doesn't read current frame, always set to 1 and End. Only one project at time (this is limiting) No Multi Frame Select: you have to move one Frame at a time, this coupled with the all inserted images at put at the end of the project. This app also has some Issues, which forced the reduction to 3 stars.

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