PicGIF App Reviews

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Transparent PNG Fail!

Cannot properly handle transparent PNGs as a source. I end up with bizarre smearing like bits of previous frames are not erased.

Uses a lot of CPU!!!

Just upon launch the app, it starts using lots of CPU cycles. Sometimes using 100% of a single Core. Looking at the Activity Monitor, the reported number of Idle Wake Ups is way too high: 15,000+ This app will kill your battery in no time! Please fix it.

Missing Function

Nice designed App but you cant change the number of loops for the created GIF or even stop the loop. So it’s not made for a professional use.

good, but not pro

The usability is far better than similar apps. It’s easy to create an animated GIF from a video. But the GIFs do not have that much FPS, they do not run smoothly when you need it. Furthermore you can’t control quality settings like number of colors, Dithering etc. and the result of file size, which is essential for some websites like twitter, tumblr etc.

Stickers aren’t just presets!

You can add whatever image you want as a sticker overlay. Perfect if you want to watermark your GIFs with your logo. Super intuitive UI. Took me all of 30 seconds to figure out how to use the program. Nice work, PicGIF devs!

Good app! soo far like everything

great resolution. 900 pixels + can do image and video to gif. well made app / program . i would recommend this!

cool stuff

find it easy to use, although it doesn’t work on FB, it does in messenger, don’t know why….

Requires improvement

The app works ok for the purpose it was made for. Simple gif creation. Although it has a few things there to imporve to become perfect. First of all, indeed it doesn’t support all the formats mentioned in the desciption. Either the description or the app has to be fixed. Secondly, when creating a gif with a transparent or 0% opacity background (thx for this function btw) an image suffers greatly. After gif creation with the rotation an image is distorted in the way the rotation leaves traces till the cycle begins all over. Plz kindly ask you to fix that. Very needed!

Very good App

Esay to use, and working till 600 pictures (I didn’t try with more). It’s cheap. I’m quite satisfied.

Good App, lacks some useful commands

Good App, just editing GIF it would be useful to add Ping-Pong effect and choose wich section of the picture use (like cutting unnecessary parts). Also custom image size would be wonderful! With these change five stars! +++++

Can’t add stickers without crashing app.

Trying to add callouts to gifs, and the app keeps crashing. I bought the paid version specifically for this functionality. Even when frames are less than 200 total it crashes when trying to build with callouts.

Easy to use and customizable

Very easy to use and fun! Put your photos into flip style motion add text, and more. Easy to use even if you arent the most tech savvy. I received this product in exchange for a review but all opinions expressed are my own.

Easy and Affordable

PicGIF is a perfect app for creating your GIF’s. It has a simple to use interface with no need to really “play around” to get used to it. Features in the program are all easy to use and understand. It doesnt have all those “extra” features you will never use! You can also customize your GIF by adding text and changing the speed in which the pictures rotate. You can not only upload your pictures, but video’s as well! It is a great program for those with limited computer skills to use, as well as those with experience!

Straight-forward, easy to use

I was excited at the possibilities PicGIF had to offer, and I wasn’t disappointed. I find it is easy to use and pretty straight forward. Everything is laid out nicely so it is easy to find. It has many features including text, which supports many different fonts, which I think is great! Plus is supports many different files for pictures and videos. It does have a 300 picture/slide limit, but if your video is over that, it still loads the first 300 slides rather than not loading any of it. Editing and removing slides is simple as well. I’m pleased with the ease of use and abundance of features. I received this product for a review, but all opinions expressed are my own and are my honest opinions.

Easy to use

If youre looking for an App to make a quick GIF for a website or a blog, this is your App. Its simple, easy to use and easy to save. The App itself has an extremely fun interactive home screen. From that home screen, you add your pictures and can even add text

Love it!

I thought at first this app was just a photo editing software but was so excited when I realized I could make these animated GIF’s! I have seen these on other sites and always wondered how they were made. To make this it literally took a few minutes. I had a video on my phone and uploaded it to PicGIF. It took under a minute to upload this video then I cut down the video down to how long I wanted. Most GIF’s like this one are pretty short so it was just the first 2 or 3 seconds of the video. It is really easy to share your video’s. All you have to do is click the share video at the top of the app and you can email to message it to anyone!

Basic GIF maker

I mean very basic. Which makes it easy to use but definitely not worth the $20 ($5 right now with sale). Not worth because, it’s missing some important features. - There is no “do not loop” option. Or loop N times. Gifs always loop forever. - There is no color settings. And the default colors are not satisfying. Just give me a way to adjust final output colors. Right now, your images will look like crap when you export. - The preview shows preview of your current images, NOT the final output. - It doesn’t tell you what the output file size is going to be.

Worth every penny

One minute after using the lite version bought the main one. YOu will too. Does just what it says it does. Zero learning curve, simple controls easy to figure out. Well done guys.

Worth the money!!

I had high res pics and the software process them in less than 5 seconds. Awesome add ons like stickers, text and filters!!

I want a refund!

I was initially pleased with the purchase because the lite version was amazing. But the app doesn’t work. I’ve tried several videos to make a gif thinking it’s just those certain videos but after several attempts, it simply doesn’t work. The lite version worked for me but not the full version. I would want a refund.

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